recovery revolutionizing body peace conference

Nov 19 and 20, 2020

What is body peace?

Body Peace is a first-of-its-kind international virtual body image and Eating Disorders conference creates a space where people can get practical training, inspiration and information about eating disorders and body image. Every year, Body Peace brings together survivors, caregivers, and health professionals to learn from keynotes, speakers, and panels, as well as from each other. Body Peace takes place online through Zoom, so you can tune in from anywhere. Last year, 216 participants from 4 continents attended live!



Charitable organization Body Brave organizes Body Peace with support from NIED, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia and Bridgepoint Centre for Eating Disorders. Every year, we bring in organizations and individuals from around the world to collaborate with us and make this an unforgettable event! Proceeds from the conference go to providing life-saving treatment to those struggling with devastating eating disorders.

revolutionizing recovery

Our theme, Revolutionizing Recovery, focuses on transforming current understandings of recovery.Body Peace 2020 wants to revolutionize recovery,as health care professionals owning our mistakes, as caregivers sharing the journey, and for those living with eating disorders, taking back recovery. This is a revolution open to all, and we’d love for you to join us.

What We've Learned

What have we learned about how to and how not to provide eating disorder treatment? How can we do better?

Sharing The Journey

What if caregivers were given the tools and support they needed to help their loved ones heal?

Taking Back Recovery

What it would feel like for those living with eating disorders to be the ones to define and live out recovery for themselves?

Join Us For


Tune in for dynamic speakers from all over the world and from all areas of expertise.

Co-Design Sessions

Help shape the future of eating disorders in a live co-design session.


Whether you’re family or someone struggling with an eating disorder, our workshops provide practical tools and skills.

Accredited Training

Healthcare providers can tap into live accredited training sessions delivered by experts in the field.

Joyful Movement

Join the best in the biz for live joyful movement sessions!


Join one of our forums or live chats and build networks with people from around the world.
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