ARFID: Nutrition Interventions – Supporting Without Pressuring

ARFID is a new diagnosis to the DSM-V, and we have only scratched the surface to begin to appreciate the nuances of this disorder. With the increase in ARFID diagnoses, and limited research to help healthcare clinicians develop an evidence-based treatment plan, it makes it very difficult to appropriately support and care for individuals and families affected by this serious psychiatric disorder. The purpose of this training session would be for health professionals to identify what we know about this disorder, what we don’t know, and most importantly, how to best support our clients/patients who are diagnosed with this disorder. This session would pay particular attention to developing a nutrition care plan that would parallel with the individual’s needs, as well as the importance of a multi-disciplinary team to fully assess and address the eating disorder experience.

Shawna Melbourn, RD

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