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Body Peace 2020 Speakers (21)

Body Peace Welcome

Featuring Body Brave and partners

5:00-6:30pm EST

Accredited Training

My Patient Has An Eating Disorder: What Now?

Accredited Training Session for Primary Care Providers

Tierra Hohn, Dr. Karen Trollope, Dr. Deborah Wilkes-Whitehall, Dr. Morgan Black

7:00PM-9:00PM EST

Film Screening

Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story – From Movie to Movement

Teri Price, Executive Director, Greg’s Wings Projects

9:00AM-10:30AM EST


Yoga, Body Image and Social Activism

Dianne Bondy Yoga (she/her)

10:30AM-11:30AM EST

Panel Discussion

What We’ve Learned As Healthcare Professionals

Moderator: Carly Crawford

Panelists: Elizabeth Austin (Dance Therapy), Juliet King (Art Therapy), Jennifer Kreatsoulas (Yoga for Eds), Priya Shah (Music Therapy)

11:30AM-1:00PM EST

Education Session
Body Peace 2020 Speakers (18)

Caring For Someone With An Eating Disorder: Emotion Focused Family Therapy Training For Caregivers

Ashley Skinner

1:00PM-3:00PM EST

Self-Care Break
Body Peace 2020 Speakers (12)

Movement Break


2:00PM-2:30PM EST

Keynote Speaker

So You Want To Leave Diet Culture

Christyna Johnson (she/her)

3:00PM-4:00PM EST


Stop Hating Your Body

Annie Segarra/Annie Elainey (she/they)

4:00PM-5:00PM EST

Accredited Training

TRANSforming Eating Disorder Recovery: Education, Empowerment, and Advocacy

Trans Folkx Fighting Eating Disorders, Kian Rank (they/them)

Workshop, 9:30AM-11:00AM EST

Accredited Training

Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

Dr. Anita Federici (she/her)

CCPA Accredited Psychotherapist Training, 11:30AM-1:30PM EST


Food and Body Liberation In Trans Communities

Dr. Sand Chang (they/them/their)

12:00PM-1:00PM EST


Using Ancient Wisdom and Modern Neuroscience for Eating Disorder Recovery

Dr. Anita Johnston (she/her)

1:30PM-3:00PM EST

Keynote Speaker

The Weaponization of Food and Eating

Virgie Tovar (she/her)

2:30PM-3:30PM EST


Body Sovereignty as We Age: Food, Sex, Movement and Dignity

Kimberly Dark (she/her)

3:30PM-4:30PM EST


Eating Disorders and Trauma

Marna Clowney-Robinson (she/her)

5:00PM-6:00PM EST

Self-Care Break

Meditation Relaxation Session

Jivasu (he/him)

6:00PM-6:30PM EST


Ditching Diet Culture at School

Caitlin O’Connor (she/her)

6:45PM-7:30PM EST

Body Peace 2020 Speakers (7)

Conference Closing

Body Brave and Partners

7:45PM-8:15PM EST

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