Fatphobia Is A Social Justice Issue

This presentation is ideally suited for professionals working in the field of ED/body image, people in larger bodies, people in any size body who are concerned with social justice issues.

People in bodies who are considered to be “larger” than average experience oppression and marginalization which manifests in a lack of access to medical care, employment, social opportunities, and more. Fatphobia is a rampant and insidious issue in our culture, an issue that impacts those in any size body. Fatphobia needs to come into mainstream awareness and get on the agenda of anyone fighting for social justice.

My poster and presentation will outline fatphobia and its impacts, explain why I (and many others) identify as “fat”, briefly describe the history of the fat acceptance movement and how it is different than the body positive movement, provide some suggestions for anyone (in any body) who wants to fight against fatphobia, and describe the concept of body liberation as a social justice issue. Grounded in anti-oppressive principles and intersectional feminism, this presentation aims to include how various intersecting identities create very different experiences for those who suffer the impacts of fatphobia and other oppressions.

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