Food and Body Liberation In Trans Communities

Food and Body Liberation In Trans Communities Sand Chang, PhD (they/them)

Zoom Webinar

November 20 / 12:00PM-1:00PM EST

Our pre-pandemic world was already steeped in diet culture, fatphobia, and healthism, but now many of us are struggling more than ever to find peace within food and our bodies. From the opportunistic wellness industrial complex to casual fatphobia on social media to misinformed medical information, our environment is promoting a toxic relationship to food, body, and exercise.

For trans and nonbinary people, dynamics are also set against the backdrop of transphobia, the imposition of the gender binary, and ciscentric gatekeeping. How can trans and nonbinary folks learn to better listen to and trust our bodies? How can we move away from rule-based eating and disordered eating behaviors toward a greater sense of embodiment, peace, and liberation?

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