Eating Disorder Hell To Recovered and Well

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Target Audience: This presentation is for sufferers, health practitioners, care givers and even the general public who want to understand more about eating disorders.

My mission is to help people who are in the transitions period of their recovery or who are seeking help for disordered eating before it progresses into a full-blown eating disorder. The reason being, once out of clinical/inpatient treatment, there is little in the way of support and integration back into normal life when it comes to feeling at peace in your recovered body and continuing working on your relationship with food, and that’s where I come in.

My way of working is a Health at every size approach, supporting people in different body types, through a range of mindset, food and body freedom tools, as eating disorders do not just impact people in smaller bodies. What sets me apart, is that I have the expertise and insight from both a professional and personal perspective after my own recovery from anorexia 12 years ago, I will share my own story of recovery and how I have gone on to help others do the same.

This presentation is for both professionals and people going through it themselves, it can help a sufferer understand how to truly reach full recovery whilst also giving professionals a more in-depth insight into a lived experience.


Laura Phelan

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