Using Ancient Wisdom & Modern Neuroscience for Eating Disorder Recovery

Using Ancient Wisdom & Modern Neuroscience for Eating Disorder Recovery Dr. Anita Johnston (she/her)


Speaker Session, November 20 / 1:30-3:00PM EST

For eons, ancient traditions in cultures across the world have used metaphor and storytelling for teaching and healing. Only recently, however, has modern science developed the technology that gives us a glimpse into brain functioning, allowing us to see how these processes actually work. Many individuals struggling with eating and body image perceive their struggles as unrelated to other aspects of their lives. Metaphor and stories can be a useful tool to help them find important connections that can bring about healing.

This presentation uses a lively mix of myths, folk tales, and neuroscience. It explores the work of scientists who have discovered rigorous ways to study insight and metaphor by identifying the aspects of the brain that are better able to see hidden connections and the remote associations between separate ideas.

It will describe the neuroscience research that supports the use of metaphor and storytelling in eating disorder recovery.

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