Eating Disorder Sensitivity for Movement Professionals

Oct 6, 2019


Zoom Webinar

45 mins


Target Audience: 

This panel is open to any movement professional, including dance, pilates and yoga teachers, gym/fitness coaches, athletes and others. Open to those with lived experience looking to learn more.


Given that 1 in 2 Canadians know someone who has or has had an eating disorder, all movement professionals have likely taught students with disordered eating and/or eating disorders. Having a daily physical practice is transformative. It benefits our mental, emotional and physical health. However, how it’s shared, the language that is used and the messages that are imparted can be problematic. It is imperative that movement professionals create body positive, body inclusive spaces and have a working knowledge and sensitivity towards disordered eating and eating disorders. This dynamic panel will bring together 4 movement professionals from different walks of life. They will discuss how to bring greater awareness and sensitivity to movement spaces, in order to promote healing rather than sickness disguised as health and wellness.

Learning objectives:

  • Discuss some of the problems that exist currently in movement spaces

  • Discuss how movement spaces can be made more body positive and inclusive

  • Simple, accessible strategies to making spaces more eating disorder sensitive

  • Amy Kate Bowe

    The Brave Space Academy

  • Jo Gale


  • Annina Schmid

    Annina Schmid Counselling