Peer Support and Recovery

Oct 5, 2019


Zoom Webinar


Target Audience: 

Those curious about creating peer support and it’s role in eating disorder recovery.


Peer Support is recognized by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as an essential component of the mental health system. Recognizing the efficacy of peer support in mental health, this option is widely integrated in community organizations, hospitals, post-secondary institutions, and corporations across Canada. But what exactly is Peer Support? Can this modality be helpful for those with eating disorders? How can it be leveraged? What can go wrong?

This presentation will explore:

– The core values, scope of practice, and standards for the training and delivery of peer support.

– The evidence behind peer support

– How one organization creates, delivers, and evaluates peer support, including:

* Training for peer supporters * One-one-one peer support * Online chat * Online groups * The importance of co-design *Potential challenges and ideas to work though them

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