Diagnosis and Management of Eating Disorders in Family Practice (open to all primary care providers) Accredited

Oct 4, 2019


Zoom Webinar


Accredited: 4 Mainpro+ credits, College of Family Physicians of Canada

Target Audience: 

This workshop is open to any health professional, although it is primarily targeted for family physicians and nurse practitioners.


This interactive training workshop will build your confidence in working with people with eating disorders. In the first hour of the session, an expert in the eating disorder field will review the approach to diagnosis and management of these complex illnesses. Then, a person with lived experience of an eating disorder will highlight the human dimension of these illnesses. In the second half of the workshop, together, we will explore case studies using a variety of interactive ways.  A summary of the presentation as well as useful resource documents will be provided to participants.

Topics included: 

  • Diagnosis and medical management of eating disorders

  • Understanding the dimensions of lived experience

  •  Referral strategies and the role of the multidisciplinary team

Workshop duration: 2 hours

  • Dr. Blake Woodside, MD, FRCPC

    University of Toronto

  • Dr. Karen Trollope MD, PhD, CCFP