Reconceptualizing Sexuality to Better Understand Eating Disorders

Oct 6, 2019


Zoom Webinar



This dynamic, participatory presentation has been created to hold space for counselors, educators, advocates, and more as we journey through five major concepts that make up sexuality and how each applies to eating disorders.

When you hear the word “sexuality,” what do you think of first? Perhaps it’s orientation or sexual behavior. If you’re well versed in trauma, maybe it’s sexual violence. But none of these ideas captures the fullness and complexity of sexuality the way that a sexologist would explain it – and yes, that matters, as people who work with bodies and within wellness: How does our limited view of sexuality affect our relationships to ourselves and to those we serve?

 Guided by a sexologist who studies eating disorders and body image specifically, you will be invited to use your own expertise – both personal and professional – to unravel the assumptions you’ve been carrying about sexuality and to leave the room with a renewed sense of how biology, psychology, and social location complicate our lived experiences. Come explore the taboo topic of sexuality in a safe space. It’s time to relearn the birds and the bees.

  • Dr. Melissa A. Fabello, PhD