The Power of Embodiment: Moving From Exploitation to Empowerment


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Available to watch Oct 4, 5, 6

POSTER SESSION- poster sessions are available throughout Oct 4, 5 and 6 for participants to watch and enjoy!

During this presentation author, advocate and clinical therapist Ailey Jolie will explore how she transformed her past experiences of sexual exploitation into empowerment through the process of becoming embodied. This presentation will fuse together professional training in trauma integration and eating disorder recovery with lived experience. It will provide an opportunity for both clinicians and clients to compassionately understand the link between how external violations of the physical body can result in internalized violence against the self.

Jolie will speak about trauma, coping with food and body, abuse reenactment, and how she put her past to rest by altering the poison of her pain into potent peace. A process that was aided by understanding the neurophysiological implications of trauma and how such corresponds with eating disorder symptoms and recovery.

  • Ailey Jolie