Amy Kate Bowe

Dietitian, The Brave Space Academy

I am Amy Kate Bowe, thank you for exploring this space!
My nerd qualifications: Bachelor Exercise Science + Nutrition, Masters in Dietetics.

My life qualifications: The catalyst for my interest in the relationship between body and mind was in 2006 when my sister suffered anorexia. I decided to become a Dietitian and specialise in eating disorders.

I guide women in learning how to train so she can connect powerfully with her body, lead her own journey and get results. I am the creator of The Brave Space Academy. It is the space where you learn how to train so you can connect with your body, lead your own journey and get results.

Rather than hear my life story, let’s explore the short version.

I offer 12 years of experience in coaching, leadership and teaching.

In the last 12 years I have started and grown my business. This business has been built around my passions: health, movement, nutrition, life coaching and GROWTH.

I have helped 100’s of women reinvent themselves by breaking the rules, listening to their ovaries and cultivating a strong, resilient and powerfully graceful body through movement.

I didn’t always do this; prior I was a Dietitian working in the Eating Disorder Space. So yes, I know a thing or two about food!

And before this, I was lucky to have super cool supportive parents that said create your own journey and do what makes you happy. My Mama always raised my two sisters and I saying “I work so you girls can do things”. Thanks Mama.

Over time I have learnt how to help women connect powerfully to themselves so they can grow, cultivate results and deeply connect to others, all while they navigate life as a Mama, wife, partner and friend.

For me my success has been in understanding myself, people and overcoming the fear of not following the status quo! I believe this is the most important thing to grow and create BIG change.