Lisa Burns

, F.E.A.S..T

Lisa is the parent of a young adult with an eating disorder and is an advocate both in Canada and abroad. Lisa’s passion is that no parent/carer will walk alone as they navigate finding care for their loved one. Lisa is a co-founding member of International Eating Disorder Family Support and a founding member of World Eating Disorders Day of Action. Lisa was honored when nominated and accepted to the F.E.A.S.T. Board of Directors and enjoys many varied volunteer roles within the organization. Lisa resides in the Beautiful Okanagan with her husband, Robert, and their 2 Shelties, Nova & Lylah. Their 2 older children reside close by and their youngest is currently obtaining a post secondary education in Ontario. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys trips in a ‘wee beast’ of a car with her hubby, gardening, golf cart rides to sit at the lake and uproariously fun times with friends in her community!