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Eating Disorder Hell to Recovered and Well: Redefining Recovery

KEYNOTE SPEAKER "My mission is to help people who are in the transitions period of their recovery or who are seeking help for disordered eating before it progresses into a full-blown eating disorder. " Laura Phelan

Laura Phelan



Do No Harm: Why Weight Loss Can’t be a Therapy Goal

SPEAKER This session will discuss solution-focused approaches to engaging in conversations around weight loss without doing harm.

Annina Schmid

Annina Schmid Counselling


Language of Hope: Using Ordinary Words in Extraordinary Ways

KEYNOTE SPEAKER In her presentation, Haesun will introduce a simple dialogic framework used in the Solution Focused Brief Coaching that one can use immediately after the presentation.

Dr. Haesun Moon

Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching


Eating Disorders 101 For Caregivers: Now what?

WORKSHOP My hope is that you leave today knowing the answers to a least a handful of your questions AND the most important thing I want you to take away is this: This is NOT your fault. We are Here because we've Been there and You Are Not Alone!!!!


In-Kind Sponsor

Lisa Burns



Innovative Treatment Options for Adults: Doing More With Less

SPOTLIGHT SESSION The Calgary Eating Disorder Program will be presenting on Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) offers a more intensive treatment option for adult patients who would benefit from more regular support.

Lateef Habib

Calgary Eating Disorders Program


Diagnosis and Management of Eating Disorders in Family Practice (open to all primary care providers) Accredited

TRAINING SESSION This interactive training workshop will build your confidence in working with people with eating disorders. In the first hour of the session, an expert in the eating disorder field will review the approach to diagnosis and management of these complex illnesses.

Dr. Blake Woodside, MD, FRCPC

University of Toronto


Eating Disorders and Visibility

PANEL DISCUSSION Seeing only one type of eating disorder sufferer in the media can lead to others to feel that their experience isn’t valid or even real. Representation matters. Visibility matters. Anyone can be affected by disordered eating or an eating disorders and anyone can seek recovery.



(PRE-RECORDED SESSION WITH LIVE INTRO) A short riff on my unexpected victories on the road toward justice.


Peer Support and Recovery

WORKSHOP But what exactly is Peer Support? Can this modality be helpful for those with eating disorders? How can it be leveraged? What can go wrong?

Eating Disorders Nova Scotia

Eating Disordes Nova Scotia

Shaleen Jones

Eating Disordes Nova Scotia


Trans(cending) Recovery: Discussions with Trans and Non-Binary Folks

SPOLIGHT SESSION Focusing on the narratives of transgender and non-binary folks, who identify as experiencing a form of eating disorder, this presentation seeks to trans(cend) the current understandings of recovery...


Yoga for Everyone: Why Representation and Diversity Matters

How can we all share the experience of coming to the mat together?

Dianne Bondy

Yoga For All


Weight, Body Image, and Eating Disorder Sensitivity Training for Dietitians: Helping without Harming

ACCREDITED TRAINING SESSION This interactive workshop provides guidance on how to share nutrition information in a way that minimizes the risk of triggering disordered eating, and reduces weight stigma.

Katie Haneke, RD (she/her)

Grand River Community Health Centre


ParentED: Meaningfully Engaging Caregivers in Eating Disorder Prevention

WORKSHOP Attendees will learn about how NEDIC creates safe spaces to acknowledge and address caregiver needs and reduce the stigma they experience, while empowering them with supports they can take and use at home.

Nancy Main


Ary Maharaj



Eating Disorder Sensitivity for Movement Professionals

PANEL DISCUSSION Panelists will discuss how to bring greater awareness and sensitivity to movement spaces, in order to promote healing rather than sickness disguised as health and wellness.

Amy Kate Bowe

The Brave Space Academy

Jo Gale


Annina Schmid

Annina Schmid Counselling


Reconceptualizing Sexuality to Better Understand Eating Disorders

SPEAKER Come explore the taboo topic of sexuality in a safe space. It’s time to relearn the birds and the bees.


Community Work With Gloria Lucas


Gloria Lucas

Nalgona Positivity Pride


Rage Against the (Eating Disorder) Machine: Harnessing Collective Anger to Make Change in Eating Disorder Treatment and Representations of Recovery

KEYNOTE SPEAKER In this talk, we will explore the “machinery” of eating disorder treatment-as-usual and some key spaces where harms can occur.


Eating Disorder Sensitivity Training for Healthcare Workers

ACCREDITED TRAINING SESSION This workshop is open to any health-care professional who may have interactions with individuals who have eating disorders (including those who work in mental health)

Therese Kenny, MSc (she/her)

University of Guelph, Waterloo-Wellington Eating Disorders Coalition

Suzanne Dietrich, RD (she/her)

Gut Instincts Nutrition Counselling, Waterloo-Wellington Eating Disorders Coalition


Fatphobia is a Social Justice Issue

POSTER PRESENTATION- (Available to watch anytime Oct 4, 5 & 6) Grounded in anti-oppressive principles and intersectional feminism, this presentation aims to include how various intersecting identities create very different experiences for those who suffer the impacts of fatphobia and other oppressions.


Beyond the numbers: Young adults’ lived experiences of calorie labelling in relation to disordered eating

POSTER SESSION- (Available to watch anytime Oct 4, 5 & 6) We conducted qualitative interviews and assessed risk of eating disorders among a sample of young adults who had been exposed to a calorie labelling intervention.

Amanda Raffoul, PhD Candidate

University of Waterloo


ARFID: Nutrition Interventions – Supporting Without Pressuring

POSTER SESSION- (Available to watch anytime Oct 4, 5 & 6) The purpose of this training session would be for health professionals to identify what we know about this disorder, what we don't know, and most importantly, how to best support our clients/patients who are diagnosed with this disorder

Shawna Melbourn, RD

EDs for RDs


The Power of Embodiment: Moving From Exploitation to Empowerment

POSTER SESSION- (Available to watch anytime Oct 4, 5 & 6) Jolie will speak about trauma, coping with food and body, abuse reenactment, and how she put her past to rest by altering the poison of her pain into potent peace. A process that was aided by understanding the neurophysiological implications of trauma and how such corresponds with eating disorder symptoms and recovery.



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Sheena’s Place

In this poster session, you'll learn about innovative charitable organization, Sheena's Place in Toronto.

Kaitlyn Axelrod

Sheena's Place

Kelsey Johnston

Sheena's Place