Yoga, Body Image and Social Activism

Yoga, Body Image and Social Activism Dianne Bondy (she/her)

Dianne Bondy Yoga

Interactive Workshop, November 20 / 11:00AM-12:30PM EST

This is a Zoom Meeting with the option to interact with the speaker, Maximum 50 participants


IT IS TIME TO ACTIVATE: Your yoga or spiritual practice is a call to action for social justice! Let’s change the world together so we all may experience equity and justice It is not enough to recognize the exclusion and discrimination—we must actively use our position and power to rectify it.

Let’s explore how yoga and mindful joyful movement can change our perspective. Bring us closer together and teach us how to change the world. Devoting ourselves to moving from racist -non racist to anti-racist, both on and off the mat. The actions we can take to end inequity and injustice for marginalized identities using the teachings of yoga as our guide.

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